Whakamana Cannabis Museum is a centre for Cannabis education, information, and law reform activism; based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Established in 2013, and now occupying a three-storey historic building in Dunedin's Central Business District (which we plan to restore to its former glory).

Our exhibition space features a number of permanent displays of cannabis consumption devices, products and memorabilia from places where cannabis is legal, a variety of hemp products; and much more.

Our vast collection of cannabis related archival material is just waiting to be discovered: The Whakamana Cannabis Library features over 100 books about cannabis, along with books about ancient cultures, drugs in general, politics, and a variety of other topics.

Our members space (where our social club meets) -- contains a variety of vintage arcade gaming machines; foosball and table-tennis games; and is where we regularly host a variety of events.

And our media production facilities.

We produce major original interactive exhibits on cannabis-related topics that change regularly:

Our current exhibit is "What Is Medicinal Cannabis?".

Past exhibits have included:

  • "Growing Hemp In New Zealand"
  • "Bitcoin & The SilkRoad"
  • "Hit for Six: the Story of Cannabis and Cricket"
  • "The History of the Otago University 420s"
  • "Uniquely Kiwi Cannabis Consumption Methods"