We are engaging the public, politicians and the media at every level to educate and aggressively advance the campaign for sensi-ble cannabis policies in this country.

All donations should be directed to our parent organisation: Aotearoa Cannabis Legal Education and Reform (CLEAR) Charities.

Acct name: CLEAR Charities
Acct number: 38-9014-0732393-00

BTC: 1MES2QCnwcU8sge6Cbwg2xVHFv1fd8PAvZ

PayPal: Coming Soon

Weekly automatic payments are most appreciated.

Also, we need lots of random stuff for all the different projects:

HD Video Camera
Projector mounting bracket
Usable Bike Helmets
Any still usable computer bits
Hard drives
Flat panel monitors
Postcard Display Rack
Magazine Display Rack
Brochure Display Rack